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The Challenges of Low-Frequency Radio Polarimetry: Lessons from the Murchison Widefield Array

Refereed Journal Articles
Lenc, E.; Anderson, C. S.; Barry, N.; Bowman, J. D.; Cairns, I. H.; Farnes, J. S.; Gaensler, B. M.; Heald, G.; Johnston-Hollitt, M.; Kaplan, D. L.; Lynch, C. R.; McCauley, P. I.; Mitchell, D. A.; Morgan, J.; Morales, M. F.; Murphy, Tara; Offringa, A. R.; Ord, S. M.; Pindor, B.; Riseley, C.; Sadler, E. M.; Sobey, C.; Sokolowski, M.; Sullivan, I. S.; O'Sullivan, S. P.; Sun, X. H.; Tremblay, S. E.; Trott, C. M.; Wayth, R. B.
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, (2017), 34, 40.

A polarized fast radio burst at low Galactic latitude

Refereed Journal Articles
E. Petroff, >100 authors, includes J.S. Farnes [18th author]
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, (2017), 469, 4465.

Broad-band, radio spectro-polarimetric study of 100 radiative-mode and jet-mode AGN

Refereed Journal Articles
O'Sullivan, S. P.; Purcell, C. R.; Anderson, C. S.; Farnes, J. S.; Sun, X. H.; Gaensler, B. M.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, (2017), 469, 4034.

LOFAR MSSS: Discovery of a 2.56 Mpc giant radio galaxy associated with a disturbed galaxy group

Refereed Journal Articles
Clarke, A. O.; Heald, G.; Jarrett, T.; Bray, J. D.; Hardcastle, M. J.; Cantwell, T. M.; Scaife, A. M. M.; Brienza, M.; Bonafede, A.; Breton, R. P.; Broderick, J. W.; Carbone, D.; Croston, J. H.; Farnes, J. S.; Harwood, J. J.; Heesen, V.; Horneffer, A.; van der Horst, A. J.; Iacobelli, M.; Jurusik, W.; Kokotanekov, G.; McKean, J. P.; Morabito, L. K.; Mulcahy, D. D.; Nikiel-Wroczyñski, B. S.; Orrú, E.; Paladino, R.; Pandey-Pommier, M.; Pietka, M.; Pizzo, R.; Pratley, L.; Riseley, C. J.; Rottgering, H. J. A.; Rowlinson, A.; Sabater, J.; Sendlinger, K.; Shulevski, A.; Sridhar, S. S.; Stewart, A. J.; Tasse, C.; van Velzen, S.; van Weeren, R. J.; Wise, M. W.
Astronomy & Astrophysics, (2017), 601, 25.

Faraday Tomography of the Local Interstellar Medium with LOFAR: Galactic Foregrounds Towards IC342

Refereed Journal Articles
C.L. Van Eck, M. Haverkorn, M.I.R. Alves, R. Beck, A.G. de Bruyn, T. Enßlin, J.S. Farnes, K. Ferrière, C. Horellou, A. Horneffer, M. Iacobelli, V. Jelic, I. Martí-Vidal, D.D. Mulcahy, W. Reich, H.J.A. Röttgering, A.M.M Scaife, D.H.F.M. Schnitzeler, C. Sobey, S.S. Sridhar
Astronomy & Astrophysics, (2017), 597, 98.

Source Finding in Linear Polarization for LOFAR, and SKA Predecessor Surveys, using Faraday Moments

Refereed Journal Articles
J. S. Farnes, G. Heald, H. Junklewitz, D. D. Mulcahy, M. Haverkorn, C. L. Van Eck, C. J. Riseley, M. Brentjens, C. Horellou, V. Vacca, D. I. Jones, A. Horneffer, R. Paladino
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, (2016), submitted.

Observed Faraday Effects in Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorbers and Lyman Limit Systems: The Magnetised Environment of Galactic Building Blocks at Redshift=2

Refereed Journal Articles
Farnes J. S., Rudnick L., Gaensler B. M., Haverkorn M., O’Sullivan S. P., Curran S.
The Astrophysical Journal, (2017), 841, 67.

Interacting Large-Scale Magnetic Fields and Ionised Gas in the W50/SS433 System

Refereed Journal Articles
Farnes, J. S.; Gaensler, B. M.; Purcell, C.; Sun, X. H.; Haverkorn, M.; Lenc, E.; O'Sullivan, S. P.; Akahori, T.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, (2017), 467, 4777.

Magnetic Field Disorder and Faraday Effects on the Polarization of Extragalactic Radio Sources

Refereed Journal Articles
Lamee M., Rudnick, L., Farnes J. S., Carretti E., Gaensler B. M., Haverkorn M., Poppi S.,
The Astrophysical Journal, (2016), 829, 5.

The Magnetic Field and Polarization Properties of Radio Galaxies in Different Accretion States

Refereed Journal Articles
O’Sullivan, S. P., Gaensler, B. M., Lara–López, M. A., van Velzen, S., Banfield, J. K., Farnes J. S.
The Astrophysical Journal, (2015), 806, 83

Comparison of Algorithms for Determination of Rotation Measure and Faraday Structure: I. 1100 - 1400 MHz

Refereed Journal Articles
Sun, X. H., Rudnick, L., Akahori, T., Anderson, C. S., Bell, M. R., Bray, J. D., Farnes J. S., Ideguchi S., Kumazaki K., O’Brien T., O’Sullivan S. P., Scaife A. M. M., Stepanov R., Stil J., Takahashi K., van Weeren R. J., Wolleben M.
The Astronomical Journal, (2015), 149, 60

Faraday Rotation in Magnesium II Absorbers towards Polarized Background Radio Sources

Refereed Journal Articles
Farnes J. S., O'Sullivan, S. P., Corrigan, M. E., Gaensler, B. M.
The Astrophysical Journal, (2014), 795, 63

Broadband Polarimetry with the Square Kilometre Array: A Unique Astrophysical Probe

Book Chapter
Gaensler B., Agudo I., Akahori T., Beck R., Carretti E., Farnes J. S., Haverkorn M., Heald G., Jones D., Landecker T., Mao S., Norris R., O’Sullivan S., Rudnick L., Schnitzeler D., Seymour N., Sun X.
The Proceedings of Science, (2015), part of `Cosmic Magnetism' in Proceedings `Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array (AASKA14)' at Giardini Naxos, Italy, June 2014

A Broadband Polarization Catalog of Extragalactic Radio Sources

Refereed Journal Articles
Farnes J. S., Gaensler, B. M., Carretti, E.
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, (2014), 212, 15

A Wideband Polarization Survey of the Extragalactic Sky at 2-4 GHz: A Science White Paper for the VLA Sky Survey

Non-Refereed Articles
Mao, S., Banfield, J., Gaensler, B., Rudnick, L., Stil, J., Purcell, C., Beck, R., Farnes, J., O'Sullivan, S., Schnitzeler, D., Willis, T., Sun, X., Carretti, E., Dolag, K., Sokoloff, D., Kothes, R., Wolleben, M., Heald, G., Geisbuesch, J., Robishaw, T., Afonso, J., Magalhães, A. M., Lundgren, B., Haverkorn, M., Oppermann, N., Taylor, R.

Spectropolarimetry with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope at 610 MHz: a case study of two Southern Compact Group fields

Refereed Journal Articles
Farnes J. S., Green, D. A., Kantharia, N. G.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, (2014), 437, 3236

Polarisation observations with the GMRT at 610 MHz

Conference Proceedings
Green, D. A., Farnes J. S., Kantharia, N. G.
ASI Conference Series, (2014), Proceedings of the Metrewavelength Sky at NCRA-TIFR, India, December 2013

POSSUM Polarisation Characterisation Tests for BETA and ASKAP (POSSUM Report #66)

Non-Refereed Articles
The POSSUM Commissioning Group: Carretti, E., Purcell, C., Farnes, J., O'Sullivan, S., Rudnick, L., Stil, J., Willis, T.
ASKAP Internal Report, (2013)

Probing Magnetic Fields using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope

Conference Proceedings
Farnes J. S., Green, D. A., Kantharia, N. G.
Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias), (2013), Proceedings of Magnetic Fields in the Universe IV at Playa del Carmen, Mexico, January 2013

Constraining Direction-Dependent Instrumental Polarisation: A New Technique for Polarisation Angle Calibration

Non-Refereed Articles
J. S. Farnes
National Centre for Radio Astrophysics Technical Reports, (2012)

Polarimetric Observations at Low Radio Frequencies

Non-Refereed Articles
J. S. Farnes
PhD Thesis, (2012), University of Cambridge